Mildura Digital Television Pty Ltd to shut down

May 8, 2024 7:19 am in by

Mildura residents will no longer be able to watch channel 10 or its Bold and Peach channels on free to-air television from June 30th as Mildura Digital Television Pty Ltd shuts down.

“Mildura has been put in The Dog House by the SevenWest – WIN joint venture, effectively telling local residents I’m an Australian Operation, Get Me Out of Here!” Member for Mallee and long-term Mildura resident Dr Anne Webster said.

Shadow Minister for Communications David Coleman said the Coalition has supported a reduction in the tax impost on television broadcasters.

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 “It’s called the Commercial Broadcasting Tax, and in 2023, TV broadcasters were forced to pay over $44 million for it.” Mr Coleman said.

“The tax disproportionately affects regional broadcasters.”

“If they didn’t have to pay this tax, they’d have more money to invest in staff and programs for local communities.”