Warning to stay alert to scams this tax season

June 11, 2024 6:49 am in by

Aussie taxpayers are being encouraged to stay alert during tax season, as new research reveals one in four (24%) Aussies have been exposed to a tax-related scam.

While the majority (88%) of Aussies feel confident in their ability to spot a scam, CBA is urging them to be extra vigilant as tax season brings heightened risk.

In fact, when tested with multiple tax phishing scams, only 69% could successfully identify all three scams, with roughly one in three (31%) failing to spot one or more of the three scams.

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Tax-related scams are sophisticated phishing scams that impersonate myGov and the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to ‘phish’ for personal information, including bank card details.

The link within the SMS takes the recipient to a fake website where their details are entered and inadvertently shared with the scammer.