Safer drivers make safer roads 

February 22, 2024 6:34 am in by

In response to concerns raised by those involved in the industry, Jade Benham, the Member for Mildura, is calling on the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, to address the issue of unlicensed truck drivers on our roads. 

Benham highlights the industry’s consistent message that pending heavy vehicle licensing reforms may exacerbate the problem and believes that rectifying this issue should take precedence before the introduction of any reform. 

Benham seeks clarification from Minister on three crucial points; the number of fines issued for unlicensed truck drivers in 2023, the measures and strategies being undertaken within the road safety portfolio to rectify the issue of unlicensed truck drivers and the consideration of incentives for training. 

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“Road safety is paramount, and we must take steps to rectify the issue of unlicensed truck drivers before introducing heavy vehicle licensing reforms that could potentially exacerbate the problem,” said Benham.

The Member for Mildura looks forward to receiving responses from Minister and is committed to working collaboratively to find effective solutions for the benefit of road safety in the region.