Darling River to get a flush

June 3, 2024 6:29 am in by

The NSW Minister for Water has announced that a flush of water from the Menindee Lakes through to the Lower Darling River will commence to address the persistent Blue Green Algae.

The Darling River has been at Red Alert for Blue Green Algae since February, with landholders requested not to consume or bath in the water unless appropriately treated.

The environmental flush will cover a 500km stretch of the Lower Darling System.

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In addition to river water quality monitoring, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water are requesting daily images from landowners along the Darling River over the next three week period to assist with confirming the effectiveness of the flush trial and aid in the reporting of daily water quality testing.

The Lock 10 weir pool is expected to begin being lowered later this week, as the Darling River flow pulse reaches the Darling arm of the Wentworth Weir pool. The exact timing will depend on how quickly the water from Menindee moves along the Darling.

Boat operators, recreational users, river pumpers, stock owners and others along the River Murray and Darling River upstream of Wentworth are advised to take changing water levels into account and adjust their activities as necessary.