ANZAC Day, double demerits points in place

April 24, 2024 6:33 am in by

ANZAC Day is almost here, with Australia preparing to remember fallen soldiers from conflicts past and more recent, and with many making a long weekend, New South Wales Police will be out in force on highways.

Double demerit points apply in New South Wales for driving offences, effective since midnight and they will be in effect until midnight Sunday night.

Demerit points are penalty points that you receive if you commit certain offences, they are: speeding, illegal use of mobile phones, not wearing a seatbelt and riding without a helmet.

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If you commit an offence while driving or riding, you may have demerit points added to your record. Offences that attract demerit points also come with a fine.

If you reach your demerit point limit, your licence can be suspended.

Police will also be out in force on the roads in Victoria.


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