Property found, seeking the owner

August 14, 2023 7:28 am in by

Mildura Police are seeking public assistance to locate the owner of a small silver bracelet (see pictured) with distinctive engraving on the front and back.

This bracelet was located on the ramp or steps leading from Seventh Street to the Riverfront, Mildura, on Friday 11th August 2023, and handed in to the Mildura Police Station.

If you are the owner, or someone who knows who the owner is, police are we requesting that you contact Leading Senior Constable Zorb SAFAK at the Mildura Police Station on (03) 5018 5300, or Mildura Police Station’s Property Office.

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Proof of ownership, e.g. photos of the bracelet, or description of unique characteristics/engraving, will need to be provided upon collection.

Image: Mildura Police Facebook page