Murray levels continue to drop

January 17, 2023 8:08 am in by

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The Murray River is continuing to fall at Mildura Weir.

It’s currently at thirty-six-point-six metres, but is expected to stay above the minor flood level until the end of the week.

Advice and Watch and Act messages remain in place for the Murray, with some residents in parts of Mildura, Nichols Point and Bruces Bend still being told it’s not safe to return.

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Locals are also being warned not to visit Nichols Point or Bruces Bend, and are being urged to avoid flooded areas around the region.

Those starting the clean-up are being urged to wear gloves when handlings used sandbags and other flood-related waste.

Also, locals are being advised urban town water is still safe to drink.

However Lower Murray Water’s again urged to limit their non-essential usage such as watering the garden.

It says there’s pressure on the treatment plants due to the hot weather and poor quality of supplies being sourced from the river.

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Current warnings include a Minor to Moderate Flood Warning for the Murray River at Mildura and Wentworth, a Moderate to Major Flood Warning for the Darling River at Menindee, Pooncarie and Burtundy and a Flood Emergency Warning for the Murray River in the Riverland.

Evacuate Now directions are still in place for several areas around Menindee.


Image: David Burrows (River 1467)