Local flood update

December 14, 2022 7:00 am in by

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Emergency Warning – Not Safe to Return

This Emergency Warning is for parts of Mildura, Nichols Point and Bruces Bend including Etiwanda Avenue Extension, Benetook Avenue Extension, Cowra Avenue and Cureton Avenue East. Nichols Point, Bruces Bend and surrounding areas including River Boulevard, Park Road, Park Lane, Loop Road, Billabong Road, Pate Street, Irymple Avenue Extension, First Street and Keating Avenue.

It is also not safe to return to Karadoc on the riverside of Cootamundra Ave and the lower reaches of Edey Rd near the river and Iraak.

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Advice – Stay Informed – Yelta.

The Yelta levee has now been compromised Wednesday December 7.

Water is flowing into the low lying areas around the Yelta Grain Corp facility. 

Residents on Hoyle Road are impacted.

A heavy vehicle truck detour has been activated to enable access via Paschendale Avenue & Fifth Street. 

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The northern end of Meridian Road and Bunker Road are closed.

Watch and Act – Prepare to Evacuate

Communities close to the Murray River between Colignan, Nangiloc and north to Lambert Island and Boeill Creek flooding.

Watch and Act – Avoid the Flooded Area

Liparoo to the South Australian border…

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Dareton, Gol Gol and Buronga and Wentworth flooding – Do not enter floodwater

The following areas may be impacted by dangerous floodwaters:

  • Low lying areas along the Murray River may become inundated
  • Local access roads may be closed due to floodwater
  • Low lying sporting fields, parklands and public recreation areas are impacted by floodwater
  • Amaroo Road between River Road and Boeill Creek Road
  • Boeill Creek Road, Boeill Creek
  • Twin Isles Drive, Curlwaa
  • Ryans Road, Curlwaa
  • Little Manly Lane, Curlwaa
  • River Drive, Buronga
  • Log Bridge Road
  • Low lying areas in Junction Park
  • Low lying areas of Willow Bend Caravan Park
  • Ski Reserve boat ramp
  • Ski Reserve Road near the Broken Hill / Wentworth Pumping Station
  • Properties along Lagoon Road and West Street in the Theoga Lagoon area may become isolated. Residents should prepare now for possible isolation for an extended period or relocate.
  • Make sure you have adequate essential supplies including food, drinking water, medications, pet food, and animal feed to last for at least ten days.


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Police are patrolling levees and closed roads, and fines may be issued.

River peaks:

Murray River:

Euston peaked on Friday 09 December, just below the major flood level. The Murray River at Euston may remain above the moderate flood level (51.60 metres AHD) until late December. The river level may fall below the minor flood level (50.90 metres AHD) around mid January.

Mildura Weir may peak in the next couple of days, with moderate flooding. A prolonged peak is possible through to late December.

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At Wentworth the Murray may peak this weekend, with major flooding. A prolonged peak is possible through to early January.

Darling River:

The Darling River at Menindee Town is likely to remain at the current level until at least mid January, with moderate flooding.

The Darling River at Pooncarie may peak today, with minor flooding.

The Darling River at Burtundy may reach near the major flood level around late December.

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To stay updated:

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Image: David Burrows (River 1467)