Firearm safety for flood impacted licence holders

November 14, 2022 8:51 am in by

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Sunraysia licence holders impacted by the flood crisis are being reminded they need to make alternate safe storage arrangements.

Police say there are four options for temporary storage, including a licensed firearms dealer, another licence holder with an approved safe storage facility and the same licence category, firearms club or the local police station.

Anyone planning to leave them with police or a licences firearms dealer need to make a prior arrangement and not just rock up unannounced.

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Also ensure that ammunition is either taken with you or is secured. If water damaged, surrender the ammunition to a firearms dealer or police station as it may now be dangerous to use.

Licence holders are also reminded of the importance and legislative requirement to notify LRD of any changes to personal details, including residential, postal, storage and contact information within 14 days.


Image: Norman Bosworth on Pixabay