CFA is ready for fire season – but are you?

August 24, 2023 7:33 am in by
Fire-fighters at a hay fire in Iona

Victoria is expecting a warmer spring and an earlier start to the fire season this year and the CFA is asking those living in high-risk areas to take action to prepare their family and property.

The new Spring Seasonal Outlook released this week predicts the fire risk in the coming months to be normal across the state, as well as strong drying patterns in Gippsland’s forested areas and elevated grass fuel loads in central, western and northern Victoria.

While La Niña conditions have subdued Victoria’s fire risk the past three years, the state is one of the most bush-fire prone areas in the world and CFA need people to be prepared the warmer conditions approach.

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CFA crews have been protecting lives and property in this environment for decades, some for more than a century, however, they are imploring people to understand that fire safety is a shared responsibility between fire services and the community.

They are encouraging the community to download the VicEmergency app to stay across incidents and fire danger ratings in your area.

Further information about being ready for fire readiness is available at

Image: CFE Media