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The federal election is on Saturday, May 18, but what if you can't make it to a polling booth that day?
There are four ways you can vote early in this federal election:
•    At an early voting centre
•    Via a postal vote
•    On the phone
•    At a mobile polling facility
However, you may not be eligible for all options.
Telephone voting, for example, is offered to Australians who are blind or have low vision, while mobile voting facilities are provided for people living in remote areas of the country or who are currently in hospital, jail or a nursing home.

Early voting centres will open around the country on Monday, April 29.
At these centres, you'll cast your vote in the same way you would at a polling place on Election Day.
You'll be given a ballot paper to fill out and an official will mark your name off the electoral roll.
To be eligible, the Electoral Act says you must have plans to be interstate, outside of your electoral division or more than 8 kilometres from a polling place on May 18.
You may also be ill or unable to leave your workplace, have religious duties or a reasonable fear for your safety.
However, you won't be asked to prove your eligibility before you vote — you'll simply need to state that you are eligible.

In 2016, more than 600 early voting centres were available before the federal election and a massive 31 per cent of Australians voted early. That equates out to about 4.5 million votes.
The majority of those votes were cast at early voting centres.

To find your nearest early voting centre visit www.aec.gov.au and click on early voting.

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