What Do You Dislike At The Moment?

Yesterday I was asked "What's something you dislike at the moment?" It got me thinking - Cold weather, rude people, long cues when calling someone, people who eat with their mouth open, I guess the list is endless. What do you dislike at the moment? Photo: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Facebook_dislike.jpg

What Makes You Happy?

I was thinking last night, what makes me happy? For me it's coming home from work and spending time with my son, it's lying in bed and listening to the rain on the roof or even just a nice meal. What makes you happy? Photo : https://www.publicdomainpictures.net/en/view-image.php?image=248726&picture=stay-happy-advice

International hamburger day

Today is international hamburger day. So many people love a burger but what are the essential ingredients, tomato or bbq sauce, lettuce, egg, pineapple or bacon. What is a MUST when it comes to ingredients on a burger?