No Coffee In School Grounds

What do you make of this? A Melbourne school has banned coffee and hot drinks from being consumed on school grounds….. The exclusive school in Melbourne’s south east, has urged parents to avoid hot drinks during the early morning school run The ban has caused quite stir on social media. Fair enough or a...

What Have You Forgotten To Do But Actually Done It?

A Melbourne man is $46.6 million dollars richer after he won the lotto twice last night. The man put on the lotto but thought he hadn't so decided to put it again with the same numbers. What have you forgotten to do that you've done it again?

Worst Movie You've Seen?

Over the weekend, I sat and watched for ten minutes a movies called "Captain Underpants". It's a kids movie involving two school friends and a school principal. I have seen some bad movies, but this one would have to be up there. What's the worst movie you've seen?