Bon Bon Jokes

Why did the birdie go to hospital? To get a tweetment. Ahh Bon Bon jokes, they never seem to get old even though we ear them every 365 days. Hear the joke about the wall? I cant get over it. What is your favourite Bon Bon joke?

How Much Are You Spending This Christmas?

An average Australian will spend just under $500 this Christmas on gifts alone. There is the price of food and cooking if you are hosting, or maybe the costs for flights or fuel depending whatever you plan on doing. Will you spend under $500 on gifts this Christmas?

Mobile Phones In Primary School

In a world where everything is technology, there would come a time perhaps that mobile phones were in primary school classrooms. New South Wales from next year will be banning mobile phones from public primary schools. "Mobile phones, unfortunately, are not only distracting but also causing stress for young children - and...