2019 Predictions

Hard to believe we are just over 3 months away from welcoming in 2019. We all made predictions about 2018 which may have included your sporting club winning the premiership or perhaps you coming into some money, what about politics - Did you predict that we would have a new Prime...

First Words From Mars

There has been talk of people flying to Mars and living. The distance between Earth and Mars is only 54.6 million kilometers.. Don't know how many days that would be but I think it would be an amazing experience. You're the first person on Mars, what would be your first words?

Once In A Lifetime Experience

Recently I attended the WWE in Melbourne and that would have been a once in a lifetime experience. There are so many "once in a lifetime experiences" out there, it might be buying your first home, your first brand new car. What is your once in a lifetime experience?