Who would you not want to be in self-isolation with from the celebrity world?

There is a possibility that we could all be in self-isolation very soon, if we're not doing it already. Was thinking just last night imagine if you were in self-isolation with a celebrity, but you're not a fan of that celebrity. Who would you not want to be in self-isolation with from...

Favourite Board Game?

With a lot of people self isolating at home, board games seem to be norm or at least thought about to pass the time.   Monopoly causes arguments, trivial pursuit is to hard, maybe even operation. What is your favourite board game? Photo: JIP / CC BY-SA

What would be the first thing you do when we are able to go back to normal?

With the current times, we take for granted a lot of things, going to support local businesses, catching up with friends and just going back to some kind of normality... Currently we are in "stage 2" restrictions following the decision from State & Federal Governments overnight and this morning.  So what would...
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