Election Campaigning Underway

Campaigning is underway for the October 14 by-election in the NSW Seat of Murray.

There are 6 nominees to replace outgoing MP Adrian Piccoli ... none of whom are based in Wentworth or Balranald.

Electoral Commission NSW says some residents can vote online through the ivote system ... while pre-polling and postal voting is available for others who are unable to make it to a polling location on election day.


Nominated Candidates (In ballot paper draw order):

Candidate Ballot Paper Name: MILLS Brian 
Locality: GRIFFITH
Party Affiliation or Independent: INDEPENDENT

Candidate Ballot Paper Name: ROBINSON Peter 
Party Affiliation or Independent: INDEPENDENT

Candidate Ballot Paper Name: EVANS Austin 
Party Affiliation or Independent: THE NATIONALS

Candidate Ballot Paper Name: DALTON Helen 
Locality: YENDA
Party Affiliation or Independent: SHOOTERS, FISHERS AND FARMERS

Candidate Ballot Paper Name: KIDD Michael 
Locality: LEETON
Party Affiliation or Independent: COUNTRY LABOR

Candidate Ballot Paper Name: GOODLASS  Ray
Party Affiliation or Independent: THE GREENS


Seat of Murray

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