What's Your Biggest Fear?

This morning Wendy Maree shared her recent encounter with Cleo the Python, which brought her to the question of what is your biggest Fear. Wendy Maree shared a couple of hers.  This looks a little like Cleo the Python, great name for a children's book LOL.

National Tell A Joke Day - Do You Have One To Share

It's National Tell A Joke Day. A bit of fun on Brekky today, Wendy Maree stole some Jokes from Google. Share you funniest jokes with us in Celebration of National Tell A Joke Day...after all, Laughter is the best Medicine.    

How Can Julia Zaetta Help Our Farmers?

This Morning Wendy Maree has asked for your help! Julia Zaetta from Better Homes And Gardens has asked what she can ask her readers to do to help our Drought Stricken Farmers here in Sunraysia. Lets ask Better Homes And Garden Readers for help to assist the Sunraysia Drought Relief Group. We need...

The Block 2018 - Courtney & Hans - Bathroom Challenge Winners

Courtney and Hans join Wendy Maree for a chat about the Block so far and ahead.

Judy Collingburn - Sunraysia Drought Relief Group

Judy chats with Wendy Maree about the new local Drought Support Group formed only in the past week. Judy gives a very emotional perspective on just how tough our local farmers are doing it and what we need to do as a Community to donate or help out in some way. They...