Recent rise in thefts related to motor vehicles

Mildura Police Station

Mildura Police are wanting to warn members of the public the recent increase in Theft of Motor Vehicles, Theft from Motor Vehicles, Thefts and Burglaries in the area.

Offenders are targeting unlocked vehicles, homes and unsecured items left out in full view. Police are appealing to all members of the public to please lock your vehicles, your homes and place valuables out of sight for potential thieves.

A method offenders are using is that they trick residents into allowing them into their homes for a drink of water, to use their toilets or to make a call to emergency services.

Whilst inside offenders are stealing cash, cards and any other valuables that they can carry.

Please do not let strangers into your home.

lf you see something Please contact 000 or the Mildura Police Station on 50185300.


Image: David Burrows (River 1467)