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At Engineering Kreationz, we make it our mission to provide a comprehensive range of engineering solutions for clients throughout Mildura. Specialising in trailers and trailer equipment, our experienced and professional team has all the skills and expertise necessary to address any problem or issue, large or small.

Our efficient team of specialists uses their expert knowledge to help clients with everything from new trailers to outdoor kitchens, sinks and BBQs. Our extensive range of engineering services, include:

  • Repairs and servicing for all types of convoys
  • Design and implementation for trailers and trailer equipment
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated professional engineering
  • Repairs and professional advice
  • Supply of trailer parts and accessories
  • Renovations and alterations
  • Reconditioning and trip preparation

    We are dedicated to delivering maximum customer satisfaction. Our hardworking and highly skilled team delivers long-lasting solutions and have earned a reputation for excellence that has made Engineering Kreationz Mildura's leader in the engineering industry.


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